Saturday, January 23, 2010

Internet or Kiosks? (IxD summarized)

How would this perfect network that lets musicians of any level interact on endless levels exist in this world? The default method of interaction for all participants is of course through the internet on PCs with the necessary interface hardware to plug instruments or microphones into their computers, but my mind has been wandering lately. I realize that thinking of form at this stage of the game is probably a little pointless, but that's why I wrote my flawless metaphor, so that I can easily get back on track regardless of where my ADD mind takes me! (note: I have no idea whether or not I actually have ADD, but I can't say I'd be surprised).
I dream of odd kiosks placed in public places, but then again, so does every other interaction designer when they are wondering how a system they are working on might be placed in the real world (I am joshing 100%, but these do pop up from time to time, and it speaks more to the state of technology than anything else. Besides, what good would designs in the field be if they all existed on some unique platform? You think Sega vs Nintendo and Mac vs PC are strong feuds? Imagine every intangible system existing on it's own hardware..........eeeek). Ok, so interesting or unique interfaces are few and far between for a reason, got it.

Next time, a useful post!

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  1. Has your project moved to thinking about large amounts of people connecting musically *online*? I still think about that picture you showed with aaaaaaaaaaaall the drummers in one room playing. I love thinking about giant collaboration projects online, but there's something about actually seeing people and having them physically there (especially if there were bazillions of them) that seems extra special.

    On a somewhat unrelated note (and skipping ahead to imagining what it might look like instead of thinking about the research), have you ever tried It videochat connects you with a random stranger. I'd be awesome if they had a site that worked the same way, but instead connected you to a random person playing an instrument! (Just a warning if you think about going on chatroulette - it's filled with pervs now and almost isn't worth doing.)