Monday, April 12, 2010

Describing the parts to make the whole

Lately, everything surrounding this project has been ever-present in my mind, but physically on the back burner. I need more than anything to define the spaces from which recordings are made, exactly how they are exchanged and compiled between those spaces, and what forms they take when they recirculate into other places in the city and on the web for listening.

I've been considering more ways in which the people on the street can participate, and I think the whole idea of these installations is expression of a city and its citizens. I think it would therefore be interesting to have these places available for people to use as an audio blog of sorts, a totally anonymous place, almost like a secular confessional booth, where one can vent or talk about problems, life's joys, and of course create music. This opens up the spectrum of use for the recording nodes, and offers a more useful and interesting variety of material for participants and viewers alike to experience.

The component that has most plagued me is the online presence of the recordings. What exactly goes on there and how everything is handled from a design standpoint is going to be extremely important to define and define clearly, which is something I simply haven't gone in depth with yet, so that of course is something I will have to have by Wednesday for our interim presentations.

"Sigh," so much time and so little to do, wait, strike that, reverse it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Picking it up again.

Wow, so it's been way too long since I've blogged at all, and it's time to step up the game, get back on the wagon/horse, etc in hopes that I can pull my ADD self together and get some serious work done on this capstone project.

In recent news, the final format for the project will more than likely be a short video, which will allow me to get the whole idea across much quicker and in the most believable way. This decision came as a result of my recent discovery that video editing is alot easier and incredibly more fun than I ever anticipated as I worked with it during my final project for Axel's 483 class. This will also help avoid the embarrassment that could come from actually installing a working prototype of one of the recording spaces and watching people confused by it. The whole point here is that when a public space and a new level of interaction are introduced simultaneously, what it gets used for may take time to develop as people get used to it being there and learn what it's all about. Even with instructions, it may be unclear to people how to use the space in such a way that will really show the possibilities for use of the design. (Thanks Dominic for making this clear to me, although I may cling to the idea of a working prototype for at least another week before I realize how much work it will be).

Here's to the beginning of a successful final quarter everyone!