Sunday, January 10, 2010


Right, so let's think, what've I got lined up so far in respect to my capstone project? Well, it's going to be musical in nature that's for certain, it's use will involve collaboration on an ideally massive scale, it will bring people together from all backgrounds (like a pixar movie, only better), it will be age-independent, and finally it should be in some open-source/DIY form. It should be noted that the last attribute will not require extensive amounts of work or money to participate, the ideal situation being that each participant merely creates some artifact that allows them to participate and exists as their very own "weapon of choice."

So the flow of inspiration can be seen as trickling and vague at best right now, but visions of vast musical collaboration networks are already beginning to blossom within my meager mind. For now, take a look at these:

We have games that allow us to play songs with real instruments

We have musical collaboration utilizing systems not necessarily meant for musical collaboration.

Finally, we have teachers and schools posting examples of classwork and lessons online.

Maybe there's a way to merge it all into something meaningful for everyone who plays or wishes to play, practice, or learn an instrument (including voice) with someone else, at any level....

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