Sunday, January 24, 2010

A.A. Bondy

Perhaps raving about a new musical find is slightly irrelevant to my capstone topic, but I feel compelled to let everyone know of the greatness of the man featured in the title of this post. I attended a show at the Tractor last night, and it began with a host of disappointments, the first being that the artist I had come to see exclusively was, to my surprise, opening the night. The second was that he was halfway through his set by the time I got inside. The end of disappointments almost made me leave altogether, because the band following the beloved Willy Mason was horrible, just bad, nothing really more needs to be said. Everything changed when A.A. Bondy took the stage and filled my soul with heartfelt grit ( the good kind) and several mind-blowing walls of melodic feedback and oscillating harmonic waves that had somehow begun with country and folk roots and had arrived at their beautifully noisy destination somehow....subtly? My point here is that we've all seen artists/bands that overdo it in terms of trying to cover too many sounds, these are the types who set aside ten minutes or so to tell you what their sound entails when asked (and actually need it).

That all aside, these guys had their proverbial shit together, and every single explosive moment in their songs were on point, signaled by eyebrows and flailing arms in between strums. What if this kind of nuance could take place overseas? This is what should be accomplished by this project! (see, this is TOTALLY applicable to what we're doing in class!)

Yeah, so go check out A.A. Bondy, he's great, and so is the band he's currently touring with featured in the video below (that doesn't do them justice but will have to do).

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