Monday, May 3, 2010

If my grade suffers in this class....

It will be primarily from lack of blogging! I have apparently phased the responsibility out of my memory completely. To get everyone up to speed, I have finally been doing a lot of the busy work and footage collection necessary to put together the final video. The process has been greatly rewarding thus far, but I have yet to dig into the actual contents of my interface and have to admit I am a little scared of After Effects....but that time will come soon enough. After compiling a demo reel (below) to get a feel for the aesthetic and audio flow that will be present in the final video, I realize I need to be recording audio on some higher fidelity instrument as the little mono mic in the camera just isn't cutting it. Besides lacking much frequency response, the thing just loves to pick up those horrible buffeting wind noises everyone is so fond of in their home movies shot on a cheap camcorder at the beach. That being said, I am enlisting the help of my roommate to get a mobile sound rig set up for the next footage excursion. That's really all for the update, I will be setting out the content and framing the layout for the interface and website soon, hopefully in time to have them included in my presentation on Wednesday.


Capstone Demo Reel from Tim Damon on Vimeo.

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