Sunday, February 28, 2010

Useful Question Set

These came from a writer for indiefeed networks and is a writeup for panel discussion on the topic of online music curatorship. Pretty pertinent information for this project.

  1. Why is the internet changing how we discover music?
  2. What are possible definitions of music curation?
  3. Why are consumers having a harder time discovering music today?
  4. How does the abundance of free music impact the need for music review?
  5. Who are the new influencers/providers of online music curation?
  6. Is Pandora/LastFM, etc. enough and why do we need critical review of music?
  7. Does the new "free" music economy gut incentives for professional music review?
  8. Are amateurs (bloggers, podcasters, UGC) a help or a hinderance to music discovery and fan attraction?
  9. Where do artists fit and play in this new world of fragmented abundance?
  10. In this new world, why or why isn't traditional music criticism needed?

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